Benefits of a Glass Railing

Considering a glass railing? They’re perfect for waterfront property or anywhere you want to maintain an unobstructed view. The experts at Fence Consultants of West Michigan also know that glass railings are:

  • Easy to maintain. Unlike an aluminum railing or metal deck railing, glass is much easier to maintain because it’s so sleek. All it takes is a quality glass cleaner, and you’ll have the railing squeaky clean in no time. Plus, polishing usually fixes scratches and other minor damages. It also has zero chance of rotting, rusting, molding, or being damaged by insects.
  • Safe and durable. Its lack of slats or other openings make it impossible for a child or pet to get stuck in or fall through. In addition, it’s a difficult surface for children to climb, so the chances of them falling from the top of a glass railing are slim. And, in the event of a glass railing somehow breaking, the safety-tempered glass panels won’t break into sharp pieces.
  • Simple to install. With only two parts — a railing and glass panels — installation is very quick. The experts at Fence Consultants of West Michigan will have your glass railing up and ready to go in no time.
  • Great for property value. Unlike some railings that look bulky and decrease visibility, glass makes a space appear larger than it is. It also provides security while giving the property a clean, unique look that will last for years to come.
  • Eco-friendly. Because glass is recyclable and chemically inert, it’s an earth-friendly railing option. The oxidation of iron and other metals can lead to the emitting of harmful substances, but glass is completely safe for long-term use sans the same risk.

Want more information about glass railings or feel ready to schedule an appointment? Reach out to Fence Consultants of West Michigan today. Dependability and attention to detail are what makes us the unquestioned, trusted leader in fencing products and installation throughout Michigan — and we’re ready to serve you.