3 Signs You Need a Fence Replacement

The right type of fencing creates privacy, adds a sense of security, and adds value to your home. But as everyone knows, nothing lasts forever. The highly skilled specialists at Fence Consultants of West Michigan will help you determine if it’s time for a replacement. If it is, we’ll find the best options for your new fence.

Whether you might be looking to replace a chain link fence, privacy fence, picket fence, wire fence, or garden fence, and this fence company has you covered. Look for these signs, which indicate it’s time to contact us for a new fence installation:


This is commonly mistaken as an aesthetic issue, but if your wood fence panels are splintering, we can almost always guarantee it will eventually begin cracking. The wood will then fall apart and destroy your fence.


It doesn’t matter if you have vinyl fencing, chain link security fencing, a white picket fence, or an aluminum fence — leaning is never a good sign. It indicates an underlying problem, such as weak fence posts or broken boards. Replacing rather than repairing will save you time and money.


Yellow or gray stains are common on fences that have seen a lot of rain. But both colors indicate rotting, as well as possible mold. A rotting fence is beyond repair and in dire need of replacement. 

Are you noticing any of these signs in your current fence, or see holes or missing boards, and aren’t sure if you actually need a replacement? Call Fence Consultants at 616-454-1911 in Grand Rapids, or at 616-392-3496 in Holland. We’ll assess your fencing situation and if necessary, present you with a plethora of affordable fencing replacement options.