All About Woven Wire Partitions

When you think about fencing, you might initially consider an aluminum fence, wood fence, or even vinyl fencing. But a woven wire fence could be a great choice. Woven wire mesh can be used for indoor fencing, machine guarding, securing inventory, and more. It is affordable, customizable, easy to configure, and can be set up in virtually any size. At Fence Consultants of West Michigan, our knowledgeable staff of sales representatives and fencing installers boast more than 200 years of combined experience in the fencing industry — and we specialize in finding the best fence for your needs. Think you might benefit from a woven wire partition? They’re ideal for:

  • Data centers. Wire partitions are great for keeping servers safe from security breaches. If an unauthorized person gains access to a data center, they could easily disconnect wires, install malicious software, and steal or damage equipment. A woven wire partition provides full ventilation while keeping hardware safe.
  • Tool cribs. Wire partitions are a great storage option for specialty tools, as tool cribs keep all your supplies organized and easy to find. In addition, utilizing see-through partitions means you can easily keep a security camera aimed on your prized possessions. 
  • Driver cages. If you run a business, a woven wire driver cage can offer protection by sealing off specific access points. If you often have delivery drivers dropping off packages, a driver cage will keep them where they belong.
  • Machine guarding. Like tool cribs, machine guarding made of woven wire protects your equipment. If you have employees, it also prevents them from injuries by machinery they might be unfamiliar with.