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Backyard Fence Security

There are so many fencing options available. Whether you’re thinking of installing a picket fence, garden fence, pool fence, or aluminum fence, the bottom line is this: whatever you decide upon, it should be high-quality, reliable fencing. Fence Consultants of West Michigan provides all of the above; and when it comes to choosing materials and planning a fence installation for backyard security, its experts recommend you consider the following:

  • Does it provide a hiding place? If the answer is “yes,” it isn’t the best option. Though a privacy fence creates a nice, solid barrier that prevents outsiders from seeing into a yard, it also provides hiding places for burglars or trespassers. If a fence’s main function is security, you need to be able to see through to the other side.
  • Is it too easy for an intruder to climb over? Generally speaking, the taller your security fence is, the better. However, many cities and homeowners’ associations have rules and regulations about fence height, so be sure to obtain that information beforehand. Fewer horizontal rails are also ideal, as they provide an advantage to trespassers who are trying to scale your fence. Lastly, spikes or pointed tops are another feature to consider, as they automatically increase the difficultly of climbing over a fence.
  • Can it be easily bypassed? A good security fence is one that a person won’t be able to go around, under, or through. It should be firmly secured into the ground, and any attached gates should be just as stable as the fence itself.

As you contemplate various fence panels, fence gates, and other options for your backyard fence, browse through our project portfolio to view our installations in application. You can also easily request a quote online, or reach us in Grand Rapids at 616-454-1911, or in Holland at 616-392-3496.