Be a Good Neighbor with These 3 Fencing Etiquette Tips

Neighborly etiquette is rarely a consideration when fencing comes into play. Homeowners in Michigan and beyond often get caught up on what type of fence they need — a privacy fence, pet enclosure, or pool fence, for example — as well as what type of material is best suited to their needs. But it’s important to consider your neighbors when prepping for a fence installation, whether you’ve opted for a picket fence, wood fence, wire fence or something else. Your neighbors will appreciate your respect for their space and will be more likely to help keep your fencing in tip-top shape for years to come. Fence Consultants of West Michigan offers these three etiquette tips:

  1. Confirm your property lines. You don’t want to have half of your fence panels up before realizing you’re one step away from a boundary dispute. If you’re unsure about the property lines, get it surveyed before you start. Remember that it’s standard to install your fence at least six inches inside your property line; a reputable fence company will be able to advise you on local ordinances.
  2. Communicate. Be courteous and discuss fencing plans with your neighbors beforehand. It will eliminate potential issues before construction begins. They might even be willing to split the cost with you if you’re building a boundary fence.
  3. Give them the “good” side. It’s common practice to keep the back side — which shows posts and backer rails — facing your house, while the full, finished side faces outward. Not only is it more aesthetically pleasing for your neighbor, but it also makes your property look nicer.

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