Best Fences for Your Home Style

There are several factors to consider when choosing fencing for your home. Is your primary goal security or aesthetics? Is it more important for your fence to be low-maintenance or long-lasting? And are there particular materials or colors you’re drawn to? If you find yourself torn, you might want to consider fencing options that complement your home style. Here are three common home styles and corresponding fence ideas:

  • Suburban. If you live in a suburban area, you’ve probably noticed that your neighborhood aesthetic is a balance between traditional charm and modern elegance. Clean and sophisticated fencing goes well here. Consider a sleek vinyl rail fence, which is maintenance-free, attractive, and durable. Plus, vinyl railing from Fence Consultants of West Michigan comes with a manufacturer’s transferable lifetime warranty. Aluminum fencing is another great choice for suburban neighborhoods. Its combination of durability and strength also boasts a clean appearance and no maintenance.
  • Classic. If you appreciate traditional elegance and timeless beauty, consider a wood fence. All wooden fences from Fence Consultants of West Michigan are built directly on your property, which means no prefabricated panels are made; your fence is custom made for your home. We offer treated lumber as well as western red cedar, so you can find a look that best fits your abode.
  • Farmhouse. The warmth and simplicity of rural living offers a timeless appeal; and depending on the type of farmhouse look you’re going for, any of the fencing options above might be a good fit. A wooden fence is the obvious farmhouse choice, but if you want to obtain that look without the upkeep, there are vinyl and aluminum options that will do the trick while maintaining the essence of farmhouse charm.

To discuss your home style and fencing options, reach out to the experts at Fence Consultants of West Michigan today. Our knowledgeable staff has more than 200 years of combined experience in the fencing industry, and can help with all of your fencing needs.