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Benefits of Installing Your New Fence in the Off-Season Months

You’ve been looking out at your backyard for some time now, envisioning how much better it would look with a new fence that also provides a sense of privacy. By adding a new fence or updating your old one to a new one, you will be enhancing the value of your home. But when is the best time of year to pursue a project like that?

Would you ever think that fall and winter might be the best times of the year?

Here are some reasons why.

Spring or Summer May Not Be Your Best Option

Spring most certainly gets most of us motived to jump into home upgrades, cleaning, painting, staining - whatever gets you off and running. The peak fence install season as perceived by most is spring and summer but fall and winter can be the ideal times of year to get your fence from Fence Consultants. You can be ready to start your fence project in the off-season by doing your research and preparation in the warmer months.

Contractors Ready To Go

Our team at Fence Consultants of West Michigan can handle varying conditions, including cold winter weather. Experts like us have the tools and expertise to install a fence during fall and winter seasons. There may be certain freezing conditions that could prevent your project from moving forward such as entirely frozen ground. Talk to us about that and other off-season concerns. You can be assured that the cooler weather doesn’t mean installers will concede on quality because our quality defines us.

Wood Fences Need Time To Season

Cooler months agree with wood and wood picket fences. Fall and winter give these types of fences time to season and allow for a slower, even dry time.

Landscape Protection

In the summer months, we are very careful to look out for your plants and lawn. But installing a fence is challenging to the landscaping. Working in the winter can protect your plants because when they go dormant and trimmed back, they don’t experience as much potential damage. If you must relocate plants for your fence project, this is the time of year they won’t take on potentially permanent damage. Additionally, your grass will have gone dormant and won't be affected as dramatically by our equipment and workers. And many of your perennials will be protected under the soil as our crews work above them.

Enjoy Spring With Your New Fence

Perhaps, the most significant benefit most of all by pursing your fence project in the off-season is that with the new installation out of the way when spring finally hits, you will be able to enjoy your yard. With that out of the way, you can look out your window and appreciate the new look and privacy to the yard and begin to plan your summer activities.

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