Everything You Need to Know About Maintaining Your Fence this Summer

Fencing professionals know how heat can take its toll on fences — particularly on wood fence panels and metal fence panels. Summer is a great time to assess your fence and ensure it’s ready for fall and winter, when kids are headed back to school and holiday planning takes precedence over home maintenance projects.

Tip #1: Inspect. Walk around the perimeter of your home and take a careful look at every part of your fence. Perhaps there is some debris or excess moisture causing rot on your wood fence. Foliage that is too close can also cause stains and discolorations. Clean your yard and remove anything that may be negatively impacting your fence or railing. You should also address any rusting, breaking, insect problems, wobbly posts, or damaged sections.

Tip #2: Trim. Trees hanging over your fence line can cause serious damage — whether you have vinyl fencing, a chain link fence, a wood fence, or something else. Large, hanging branches have the potential to snap during strong winds; they can also fall onto your fence during heavy snow, possibly causing immediate harm.

Tip #3: Power wash. Again, summer is the perfect time to revive your home’s fencing. Give it a proper power washing to remove dirt and buildup, thereby revealing a squeaky-clean layer underneath.

Tip #4: Stain. If you have a wood fence, give it a stain to keep it preserved for years to come. This will help block UV rays from damaging it over the course of the summer. 

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