Fence Consultants of West Michigan Maintenance-Free Fence

Maintenance-Free Fencing

In today’s busy, modern world, any type of maintenance-free aspect of our lives — fencing or otherwise — is always welcome. No one wants a fence that needs continuous upkeep; ideally, once a fence is installed, it simply serves its purpose without ever needing touchups or repairs.

Our team understands your need for privacy and security as well as your desire for a beautiful fence that taking care of doesn’t end up on the weekly chore list. Fence Consultants recommends two types of fencing for those that are in search of a no-fuss fencing option:


Aluminum fencing is maintenance-free and comes with a durable finish that won’t crack, peel or chip. It also comes in a variety of styles and heights, with gloss, satin or matte finish options. You can also accessorize ornamental aluminum fencing to match your individual style. With everything from fleur-de-lis and butterfly scrolls to solar lights and finials, there are multiple aluminum fencing options.



Polyvinyl fencing doesn’t require any type of maintenance. Hosing it off sporadically is enough to remove built-up dirt — although oftentimes, heavy rains will do the job on its own. Unlike other types of fencing, such as wood, vinyl doesn’t need regular treating or staining; it also doesn’t rot, warp or fall apart. If a wood look is what you crave, however, vinyl is available in a variety of beautiful wood colors that have a wood grain look — as well as an assortment of other solid colors and textures.

If you’re ready to bring some maintenance-free fencing to your home or business, visit fenceconsultants.com for more information or call the Grand Rapids location at 866-261-7685 or the Holland branch at 800-525-8772 to speak with a fencing expert today.