Wood Fence

All our wooden fences are built on your property, that means we do not use prefabricated panels.  We offer two types of wood:  treated lumber and western red cedar.  


    •  All of our wood fences are built on site; not pre-fabricated panels
    • Customizable
    • Durable post and frame lumber
    • Treated Lumber or Western Red Cedar
    • Good Neighbor fence options
    • Many different height options

    * Although Fence Consultants do not stain or paint wood fences, they can be stained. Treated wood needs about 3 months to 'weather' before you apply stain or paint. Western Red Cedar may be stained or painted immediately following installation. Outside temperatures should be 60 degrees or warmer when you stain or paint your fence. 


    • Treated Pine
    • Western Red Cedar