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Temporary Fencing: What It Is and Why You May Need It

Every fence company is familiar with the basics of fencing: Available in different styles, types, and materials, a fence’s primary purpose is to create boundaries. Whether it’s a privacy fence or garden fence, constructed of wood fence panels or vinyl fence panels, the objective of every fence is the same. But what’s the point of temporary fencing?

At Fence Consultants of West Michigan, our customers primarily request quick fence installation for:

Outdoor Events

From festivals and farmer’s markets to sporting events and concerts, temporary fencing provides both security and crowd control. The type of fence panels used at an outdoor event is up to the consumer, but a white picket fence is a popular choice for special occasions like weddings.

Construction Sites

This is a widespread use for temporary fencing, as most construction sites need to be blocked off to the public. Fencing contractors will often install a building site temporary fence to deter passersby and keeps the area contained until construction is completed.

Pets or Children

Though less common, a temporary dog fence or temporary fencing to keep small children out of certain areas can be very useful.  A temporary pool fence is a great way to prevent little ones from getting into the water; it can then be removed once they are old enough to swim on their own.

Regardless of what your needs may be, Fence Consultants has a variety of affordable fencing options for your home or business — from vinyl fencing to chain link security fencing, we’ve got you covered. Curious about the average cost of a new fence? Request a quote online today, or call us in Grand Rapids at 616-454-1911, or in Holland at 616-392-3496 to speak with a fencing expert.