Temporary Fencing: Why You Might Need It

Working on a hazardous outdoor project? The last thing you want is someone wandering around the area and inadvertently hurting themselves. Without proper boundaries, you could find yourself liable for any accident or injury that occurs around the site. The solution? Temporary fencing.

At Fence Consultants of West Michigan, we offer temporary fencing that provides protection for construction jobsites, crowd control, events, and more. Our temporary fence panels are on stands with optional sandbags and/or Oxford weight supports, and driven support posts are available. In addition to keeping people and pets safe, temporary fencing at a jobsite will deter thieves from stealing expensive equipment and tools that might be left there at the end of the workday.

But temporary fences aren’t just for construction — they’re great for landscaping, too. Any major landscaping project will benefit from the protection of a temporary fence. If you’re re-sodding your yard or completely re-doing the landscaping all around your home, a fence will keep out critters that could stir up piles of dirt, stones, or mulch.

Even if there’s no work to be done in or around your abode, a temporary fence will play an important part in keeping everyone safe should you decide to host a wedding or other event in in your yard. Temporary fencing can help cordon off traffic from the venue, keep your guests contained in one specific area, and deter unwanted crashers. Using your fence to create separate areas is especially important if you will be serving alcohol and underage guests are around. You may also want to consider handrails and/or gates to complement your temporary event fencing.

Ready to request a quote? Our temporary fencing is available for rent or purchase, Monday through Friday in Grand Rapids and Holland. Visit us at fenceconsultants.com for more information.