Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value with a Fence

Fencing serves many purposes; it keeps unwanted visitors out, children and pets in, and offers privacy. But did you know that a quality fence can also increase the value of your Michigan home? At Fence Consultants of West Michigan, we have more than 200 years of combined experience with all types of yard fencing — whether you’re considering a chain link fence, a garden fence, a wood fence, or any other type of fence or railing — our team of experts knows how these fences increase your home’s value.

According to, fencing is one of the top five homebuyer “must haves.” In most markets, potential buyers don’t want to deal with fence installation after their purchase; they’d prefer to buy a home that already has a quality fence built, installed, and ready to go.

Though vinyl fencing or an aluminum fence can serve the same purpose as other types of fencing, certain materials can have a considerable effect on the resale value of a property. A wood fence, for example, could bring a return on investment of 50% or more when compared to other types of fencing; this is because a solid fence is more aesthetically pleasing than some other materials.

Of course, fence installation is just as important as the material your fence panels are made of. Using a licensed, professional fence company ensures your fence is of the highest quality and will withstand both the tests of time and weather. Attempting to install a fence yourself could result in a poor-quality fence and end up decreasing the value of your home, possibly creating the need to for additional investments later.

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