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You Should Work with Certified Professionals

Safeguarding and beautifying your property with a  fence and gate is excellent choice in adding value to your home, and the construction materials, design and appearance all matter. What matters even more is who you choose for the job. While you have several options including DIY, if you want a fence and gate that are done right, you should work with a certified professional.

We are proud to have all of the following certifications. Keep reading to learn why hiring companies with these certifications are important in your next fencing project.

What is CFP?

The Certified Fence Professional (CFP) designation recognizes individuals who have a good understanding of specifications, product quality, and installation techniques that help assure you’ll receive a first-class fencing product. Individuals with this certification know the fencing industry as well as the communities they serve.

To earn the CFP designation, individuals must complete specific education and time in the fence industry requirements, as well as an exam. They must recertify every three years and meet continuing education requirements.

What is CAGOI?

The Certified Automated Gate Operator Installer (CAGOI) designation recognizes skilled individuals who work within the door systems industry as professional technicians. They have a broad base of knowledge and experience in the installation of automated vehicular gate operators.

Their professionalism goes beyond technical knowledge by bringing additional qualities to the industry, such as customer relations, safe work practices, leadership, communication skills, and a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

What is CAGSD?

When it comes to high-end automated gate systems, one of the most important factors homeowners and property managers consider is the qualification of the dealer and installers. The Certified Automated Gate Systems Designer (CAGSD) designation recognizes professional, highly qualified dealers who have an exceptional level of expertise.

Customers can have confidence that their automated gate systems will be designed to meet codes and standards for safety, security, and the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Hiring the Right Professionals

In addition to CFP, CAGOI, and CAGSD cerifications, top fencing companies should be members of organizations such as the American Fence Association.  You should also be sure you’re working with a business that is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and check their rating.

Whether it’s an experienced sales consultant to design a residential project, or a fence professional to assist with commercial and industrial projects, if you want your project done right, work with the fencing experts in the West Michigan and Lakeshore areas: Fence Consultants. We look forward to helping you on your next project, contact us today to get started!