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3 Tips to Protect Your Fence from Winter Weather

After more than 30 years of serving West Michigan, Fence Consultants is all too familiar with the effects winter has on chain link fences, vinyl fencing, wood fences, and more. As fall comes to a close and cold weather approaches, it’s especially important to protect your fence, as freezing temperatures and moisture in the air have the potential to cause extensive damage. Here are our tips to keep your fencing protected:

Keep the Weight Off

While shoveling snow to clear your driveway, make sure you redirect snow piles away from your fence. The weight of snow and the accumulation of ice can cause your fence to bend and crack. You should also remove any snow or ice from the fence itself before it gets a chance to build up. Proactively dust it off as it appears; use a broom to remove both ice and snow from wood fence panels.

Trim Branches

It’s smart to trim any branches surrounding your fence throughout the year, but it is particularly crucial in the winter. This will eliminate the chance of damage from breaking limbs that have become weighed down with snow and ice.

Pay Attention

Temperature changes can shift soil, thereby affecting your fence. Check to see if the winter weather has taken a toll on the ground that’s holding your fence. If you notice changes, contact professionals for repairs as soon as you can. Additionally, be sure to monitor your fencing for cracks or holes that may have been caused by moisture and changing temperatures. Once the weather warms up in the spring, you will know what kinds of repairs need to be made and have a better idea of what types of preventative measures you can take before the next winter season.

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