Fence Consultants of West Michigan Planning Your Next Fencing Project

Planning Your Next Fencing Project

Adding a new fence or updating an old one can enhance the value of your home and its overall aesthetics, as well as provide security and privacy. And like any good home improvement project, a new fence installation requires a solid plan.

Fortunately, the fence professionals at Fence Consultants of West Michigan can help both homeowners and businesses bring their fence dreams from plan to fruition. They are experts at helping customers find the perfect fencing for both residential and commercial needs and have been providing their expertise to the Grand Rapids and Holland areas for 30 years. As a member of the American Fence Association, Fence Consultants provides and installs a variety of fence and railing products, including everything from chain link fences and wire partitions to temporary rental fences and other enclosures.

Fence Consultants recommends planning for installation during fall or winter. Here’s why:

  • It’s Ideal for Wood Fence Seasoning

Both wood and wood picket fences do well during colder months. Fall and winter weather provides these types of fences with enough time to season and allows for a slower, even dry time.

  • It’s Better for Landscaping

Installing a fence can be challenging for landscaping. Completing the project during winter months can protect your plants because when they’re dormant, they don’t experience as much potential damage. If you must relocate plants for your fence project, winter is ideal, as it’s the time of year when they won’t take on potentially permanent damage. Additionally, grass will have gone dormant and won't be affected as dramatically by equipment and workers. Also, many perennials will remain protected under the soil as crews work above them.

  • It Means Your Fence is Spring Ready!

If your fence is installed during fall or winter, you will be able to enjoy your new yard as soon as spring hits. You’ll have more time to spend outdoors, enjoying the great weather and planning summer activities.

Ready to put your fence plan in place? Whether you’re considering a wood fence, vinyl fence, or something aluminum and ornamental, Fence Consultants offers a plethora of products available in a variety of different materials. Visit fenceconsultants.com for more information or call the Grand Rapids location at 866-261-7685 or the Holland branch at 800-525-8772 to speak with a fencing expert today.